Leaders Building a Culture of Wellbeing


Wellbeing in our workplace has never been more important. Having endured droughts, fires, floods and a pandemic, many Australians are struggling. Returning to the office in ‘our new normal’ after lockdowns have given us a new perspective on life. Health and well-being are now one of the highest priorities for our personal and professional lives. In the workplace, providing well-being resources and support is now an expectation and is critical to attract and retain high quality candidates.

In this online program series, we unpack the legal obligations for leaders, look at the latest research on the mental health impacts of the pandemic and identify the risk factors in our workplace. Looking after ourselves as leaders is just the beginning. Learn how to role-model healthy behaviours, identify the early warning signs when someone is struggling and how to protect well-being for you and your team. We then build self-care toolkits filled with practical strategies for everyday busy people. You will walk away with a well-being and productivity planner to equip you to build and promote a healthy culture of well-being in your workplace.

Who Should Attend

This course would be of benefit to all leaders including senior leaders, managers, supervisors, and team leaders, plus any influential team member who might be instrumental in the creation of positive habits for team members well-being.

Upcoming Dates

This program includes four online workshops of 90 minutes, held over four consecutive weeks. This allows participants to implement ideas and strategies from each learning block and build as the course progresses.

All workshops run from 10.00 am to 11.30 am

Session One | Wellbeing in the workplace. Your influence

Your critical legal obligations as a leader. How to create a mentally healthy workplace. Identify the risk factors and protecting factors that you can influence. Learn how to role-model healthy behaviours and encourage your teams and peers to build a workplace with a strong focus on well-being.

Session Two | Adapting to our new normal. Your agility

Our new normal may be different for each of your employees. By exploring the mental health impacts of the pandemic, we can better understand the new needs of our teams. New life perspectives, flexible work arrangements and higher expectations of work life balance are all shifting. Learn how to explore these tricky topics with agility and confidence. 

Session Three | Building self-care toolkits. Your needs

You will learn a plethora of self-care tools in this session. By building your unique self-care toolkit, you will be well equipped to boost your health and well-being. This then skyrockets your productivity! Walk away with a well-being & productivity planner that will help you stick to your well-being goals and achieve your high impact tasks at work. 

Session Four |Balancing it all! Your action plans

Burning out, feeling exhausted or tired all the time? In this final session, we bring together all the tools we have learned to create a better balance in our lives. Boost your energy and productivity, balance your energy inputs and outputs. Learn what to say yes to and importantly what to say no to! As a balanced leader, you will be able to promote a culture of health in your workplace and be a role model for well-being. 


 Tuesday 11 October 2022

 Tuesday 18 October 2022

 Tuesday 25 October 2022

 Tuesday 01 November 2022


   10.00 am to 11.30 am
 Online: Instructor Led
   Member: $335
 Non Member $445

 Enquiries:  Melinda Budd
 Phone:  02 8297 1210
 Email:  [email protected]

Benefits for the Delegate

Participants will gain the skills essential to create a positive workplace culture, centered around employee wellbeing and performance at council.

Benefits for Council

Council will benefit from this program by developing skilled leaders, to help shape a culture of wellbeing and implementation of the associated workplace habits.

Carli Phillips - Corporate Wellbeing Specialist, Corporate Wellbeing

Carli is a Wellbeing keynote speaker, Mental Health First Aider and Nutritionist. Combining 20 years of Health & Wellbeing expertise with Wellbeing lead roles in multi-national corporations, Carli is an expert in corporate well-being. With a Degree in Health Science and a Masters in Business, and has conducted extensive research into mental health strategic planning and corporate well-being.

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