Member - Alana Villata

Corporate Accountant and Grants Officer, Griffith City Council

What was your first job in local government?

The first job I had in Local Government is the job I am currently in now, which is an Accountant/Grants Officer. I previously worked as a tax accountant at a local firm and was fortunate enough to get the job at Griffith City Council a year after completing my university studies in 2014. I have been in my role for over 2 years and am very grateful for the opportunity.

What was it about local government that attracted you?

I was unhappy in me previous employment and saw a job advertisement in the newspaper to work at my local council. I had always heard that it was a great place to work and that their staff were well looked after, so I thought I had nothing to lose by applying. Since being employed at Griffith City Council I have never looked back; I have enjoyed the variety of tasks that I am involved in and the great people I work with. Local Council is forward planning and it’s exciting and rewarding to see progress and development in my Council and community area even though it can be a slow process.

What is the thing you are most proud of in your role?

Introducing new processes and improving time management within my department. Being one of the younger staff members in finance I have had the opportunity to introduce new ideas and implement more creative ways of thinking. I also have a great working relationship with staff at levels from reception to senior management staff.  Every staff member has a part to play. I have also built great networks both internally and externally through the community and other surrounding councils. It has been a great benefit building strong working relationships with other councils and sharing different ideas.

What is the most challenging part of your role?

Implementing change and trying to help people see that change is a positive thing. I would love to see council processes more updated and brought into the future. I have found that younger people are more accepting of change compared to the older generation which has been a challenge especially when I am still quite new to the role. I won’t stop trying though! As a younger member of council – technology is an issue as processes can be made to be more streamlined for up-to-date information to be obtained.

Do you have any hobbies outside of work?

I spend a lot of my time playing sport such as soccer and touch and going to the gym. I enjoy cooking and entertaining for my friends and family. I love going out with my partner and trying a variety of restaurants and bars from all different towns and cities.