Grab a Coffee with... Paul Bennett

Grab a Coffee with...  Paul Bennett

Paul Bennett, the General Manager of Tamworth Regional Council, will be joining us to discuss his career journey to executive management and delve into the topic of leadership in local government.




Paul Bennett
General Manager
Tamworth Regional Council

Paul Bennett has been the General Manager of Tamworth Regional Council since 2010. He commenced his career in Local Government in 1987 and very quickly realised the incredibly important role a Council plays in building communities.

With a desire to lead and transform the way local government delivers services, he set his sights on becoming a General Manager and achieved that goal in 2002.  His career has now spanned six local government areas including Armidale City, Maclean Shire, Blue Mountains, Narromine, Dubbo City and Tamworth Regional Council.

His passion for local government is backed by qualifications in Financial Administration (Accounting) and an MBA in Human Resource Management.

Paul is a past president and Fellow of LG Professionals NSW, past National Board member, Statewide Mutual Board Member and remains active in a number of other State and National industry groups and forums. 

He strongly believes that the success of any organisation is determined by the quality of its people and the effectiveness of its leadership.


Thursday, 23 May 2024
10:00 am to 11:00 am
Free for all to attend