PEP and Your Council

Will council reports be confidential?

Yes, reports will be completely confidential. They will not be shared nor visible to anyone other than the council recipient and the specific PwC analyst/s. Only the aggregated results will be visible to LG Professionals, NSW and all council participants. Each council will have to agree to the data use terms and conditions directly with PwC upon provision of the data into the survey portal. These will state that councils will consent to the use of their own data by PwC Analytics for the specific purposes of generating findings for the survey participant, and that PwC can share only the aggregate sample results to enrich other PwC reports (similar to the way PwC will be utilising other aggregated PwC study findings across their global networks for the enhancement of the report and survey).

Can councils distribute their report?

Yes, at each council's discretion. There are clauses that councils will need to ensure are visible when presenting that data that explains the context in respect to how recipients should interpret the findings they are reading.

What is the commitment required of councils and what level of work is required?

The process requires councils to commit resources and project manage implementation well. They may need support from IT to assist with an extract from payroll and HR systems as well as support from Finance and HR, especially if records are manual. Small councils have managed to do this successfully - as have the largest. We expect that councils should not need to spend more than two weeks of one full time staff member the first time they do this. The benefits and advantages are significant so therefore it is worth the investment in time and resources. PwC will provide significant support and practitioners will be on hand should additional support be needed. Council staff will be fully trained in what is required and they will be well supported. There is a dedicated 24 hour email Helpline and a phone Helpline during business hours.