Local Government Performance Excellence Program

What is the program?

The program is made up of an annual survey that collects information from participating councils and then compares and benchmarks these via a series of metrics delivered in a comprehensive report. In addition, there is a Council Comparative Analysis Tool (CCAT) that assists councils to interactively compare and analyse the report's results across data collected from all councils that participate in the program.

What does the program cover?

The program measures performance excellence and provides the leaders of councils strategic and operational insights into:
  • Operations Management 
  • Workforce Management 
  • Finance Management 
  • Service Delivery

What are the benefits of the program?

  • The PEP provides bespoke, reliable and cost-effective benchmarking for all councils in any jurisdiction.
  • The program is sector led and independent of government.
  • Provides invaluable insight into your operational performance, identifying areas of focus for improved performance.
  • Allows you to compare your operation against similar sized councils with similar services and infrastructure.
  • Allows groups of councils, such as member councils of Joint Organisations the opportunity to deep dive into how councils operate in their region.

Questions the program helps address:

  • What is the level of strategic planning and accountability in your council? 
  • Are decisions being made at the right level? 
  • How effective and efficient is your finance function? 
  • How effective is your rates collection and is there an impact on your cash flow? 
  • Is your operational planning and project management approach effective? 
  • How well are you managing your risk? 
  • How effective is your internal audit process? 
  • Do you have a visible customer service focus in the organisation? 
  • What is the generational profile of your workforce and what is this showing you about your workforce capacity? 
  • What are the implications of your sick leave, overtime and leave liabilities?
  • What is the right level of training investment for optimal return? 
  • How robust is your workforce plan?

What are the key dates for 2022?

Wednesday 13 July - Data submission opens | User management via digital platform | Webinars Begin

Friday 30 September  - Initial data submission signed off (all sections including for Financial Data)

Wednesday 2 November - Financial data updates enabled and signed off | Data submission closes - survey hard close with no further amendments

Friday 16 December - FY22 Report and CCAT available

Program information

To find out more about the Performance Excellence Program please contact Troy Dowd on 8297 1209 or email [email protected]