The NSW Local Government Workforce Strategy 2016-2020 sets the direction for a range of initiatives and projects to address the workforce challenges facing local government in NSW over the next four years.
The strategy integrates the elements of workforce planning, human resource management and workforce capability development to provide a framework for building a workforce that meets current and future service demands.

Strategy Partners

The strategy was prepared in collaboration with:

The Office of Local Government
LG Professionals, NSW
Institute of Public Works Engineering (IPWEA) NSW
The NSW Public Sector Industry Training Advisory Body (ITAB)
The Institute for Public Policy and Governance, University of Technology Sydney


The NSW strategy identifies a series of actions to be undertaken by peak bodies and government and industry partners in response to the key workforce development issues impacting on councils in NSW.

These actions build upon the considerable resources (tools, professional development, research, specialist networks etc) currently available to the sector through local government industry associations, government agencies, universities, training providers and other commercial sources.

The actions listed in the strategy have been developed in response to perceived gaps in existing resources, lack of awareness or understanding of the application of these resources and the identification of opportunities to develop new resources or initiatives to support workforce development in the sector.