LG Professionals, NSW is pleased to partner with businesses looking to develop their brand within the NSW local government sector, where we see a values alignment and a shared vision in supporting the sector.

Corporate partners enjoy an intrinsic relationship with us and are actively promoted to our extensive network of professionals working in the sector.

Each package is tailored to support the individual goals of the company, but all with the ultimate goal of connecting your business with key decision makers and influencers. Packages may include:
  • event participation
  • advertising
  • exhibition space
  • webinars
  • priority sponsorship opportunities
  • content collaboration
  • tailored offerings for members

Corporate partnerships are based on a two year commitment and can be tailored to suit the individual needs of your business. Corporate partnership packages are tailored, best value packages across a range of events and benefits based on the level of commitment with the association.


Further information regarding corporate partnerships can be found in our corporate brochure or by contacting:

Troy Dowd
Business Development Manager
02 8297 1209
Click on the brochure able to access our Corporate Brochure online or click here to download the PDF.