Board of Directors


Stewart Todd
General Manager
Narrabri Shire Council



One of my main focuses will always remain on ensuring that the association continues to provide great opportunities for the "up and comers" of our industry to grow and learn - placing Local Government in safe hands now and into the future. Our industry has, in the last number of years, seen a steady and consistent exodus of very experienced Local Government professionals - we need to ensure we train, pass on knowledge and retain a knowledgeable, skilled and capable workforce to ensure the future sustained success of Local Government in NSW. 

Our association needs to return its focus to its membership base. The association has rode some disruptive waves in recent times - and done a commendable job - however these times are hopefully behind us all and the association, as I say, needs to ensure it now refocuses on its members. We need a strong strategy of re-engagement, we need to ensure the association returns to the front of the minds of NSW Local Government professionals for networking, gaining experience and seeking assistance - a major refocus on the members, the life blood of the association.


David Tuxford
Director Business and Corporate Services
Georges River Council



To ensure the financial sustainability and long-term future of LG Professionals, NSW.

Todd Hopwood
Manager Governance & Customer Service
Wollongong City Council


I am a firm believer in the capability of local government to provide significant value and benefits to the communities we represent. I am also a firm believer in the need to continually improve the capabilities of the sector though the exploration of ongoing sector reform and capabilities enhancement.

In the current environment all members in the sector need LG Professionals, NSW to be a strong, positive and collaborative organisation that encourages, facilitates and educates its membership to have a reformative policy approach to successfully take advantage of this exciting period of opportunity and change.

I have a willingness and desire to influence and implement significant change in the local government sector. I am a champion of the role positive culture change can have on an organisation and a sector and I am keen for LG Professionals, NSW to maintain its position at the forefront of influencing this sector positively into the future.

If the membership place their trust in me to be on the Board I will concentrate on forward thinking ideas and initiatives that not only foster and develop our existing members and the young and talented emerging leaders in our sector, but find ways to make local government, as a sector, an employer of choice desirable to the new breed of employees.

Matthew Hyde
Chief Executive Officer
Snowy Valleys Council


Local government is about to embark on a significant generational change. There is a need to ensure the critical knowledge is transferred to the up and coming future local government leaders. I am a strong advocate for coaching and mentoring, and operate on the belief that a willingness to learn, coupled with a great attitude, are the foundations for developing the future face of our industry. I support the push for sustainability in local government. I firmly believe in the requirement for ongoing contribution and support from state and federal government to ensure that local government can continue to respond to the challenges and changes occurring in our dynamic communities.

Whilst recognising the challenges that amalgamations bring to affected communities and councils, my mandate is to ensure the local government continues to deliver quality services and success.

With over 10 years of senior executive experience in rural regional local government and having the enthusiasm and drive for renewal and change, it is time for me to “give back” to the industry and profession.

Jackie Kruger
General Manager
Leeton Shire Council


While LG Professionals, NSW already does fine work supporting the development of current and future leaders, including promoting best practice, management excellence and peer / member support and training, it feels like it may be time for a fresh campaign.

I’d like to set 3 to 4 achievable goals;
Strengthen city / country links and involvement through reinvigorating NSW Sister City type relationships at the operational level and sharing stories of genuine success.
Introduce a “New GM’s” support group that accesses multiple mentors with multiple skills and experience.
Develop various topic-based, online communities to foster improved networking and mutual support – with an open invitation to members to “join the conversation”.
Strengthen the relationship with LGNSW so that each organisation’s roles and responsibilities are properly understood (maybe even clarified) and better respected and / or supported.

I aim to serve the sector to the best of my ability.

Melissa Lee
Manager, Governance and Customer Services
City of Canada Bay


As an aspiring leader on my journey in local government, I will continue to promote local government and the services that this level of government provides to the community and all its stakeholders in a professional and positive light. I believe that it is important for LG Professionals, NSW as the industry’s leading professional body to remain relevant in the ever-changing local government landscape.
In doing this, I will:

1. Promote good governance, transparency and sound ethical practices within LG Professionals NSW and more broadly to ensure that all members are heard and have a say in the organisation’s decisions associated with the sector. As part of this, providing assistance in shaping the strategic direction of LG Professionals, NSW.
2. Advocate for the provision of continued professionals’ development and support to women in local government in all stages of their career, to continue to attract and retain those who aspire to a professional career in local government.

Craig Swift-McNair
General Manager
Woollahra Municipal Council


My vision is to see LG Professionals, NSW strengthen its position as a respected representative voice for our industry in NSW, in order to create a bolder future for local government. Collaboration is key and the association can play a continuing role in bringing professionals from councils across NSW and Australia together, as well as partners external to our industry, to ensure we remain innovative and forward thinking. We need to focus on developing our next generation of leaders and ensuring they have the skills to take our industry forward. We also need to continue to provide coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities for everyone in our industry, in an effort to ensure there is support at every turn.

Joseph Vescio
Executive Officer
City of Newcastle


Following the recent years of reform in local government by the State Government and growth in infrastructure projects and services for the community; there are numerous opportunities for our industry to make substantial changes for our communities. To ensure these opportunities are realised, it is important that Local Government Professionals Australia, NSW inform and advocate on behalf of our industry as well as supporting our members through mentoring, coaching and learning opportunities to strengthen the capabilities and skills of our members.

Chris Weber
Director of Corporate and Governance
Tamworth Regional Council


LG Professional, NSW has a unique position from which to provide support and development opportunities for those in local government and to bring the industry together to have strong input on the direction of local government in NSW.

My vision for LG Professionals, NSW is to work together to:
Develop networks to share ideas including practical ways for councils to implement these ideas;
Provide a platform for the industry to have a voice in the direction of local government;
Increase the support and skills development opportunities for existing members; and
Play a key role in developing the next generation of leaders for local government.