Statewide Mutual/JLT

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Since 1993, Statewide Mutual has provided stable insurance premiums, sound risk management and industry-specific claims administration to our members. We’re the largest member-owned Local Government self-insurance scheme in Australia, working in partnership with the vast majority of NSW councils.

Our proud history of mutuality results in unmatched buying power, financial strength and stable premiums for our members year after year.

Statewide Mutual is owned by its members, controlled by a Board of Management elected by the members to represent a region, and managed by JLT.

JLT is the market leader in the provision of insurance services to the local government industry, administering self-insurance schemes across all states, comprising over 450 entities Australia-wide. They provide an end-to-end risk solution to meet members insurance needs including insurance broking and advice, claims management services and risk consulting.

Together Statewide Mutual and JLT are a dynamic partnership working to develop innovative solutions to address emerging risks facing the local government industry and achieve the ultimate aim of ensuring a stable, sustainable insurance program for our member councils.


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In Australia they provide 17.7 million retail mobile services, 4.9 million retail fixed voice services and 3.6 million retail fixed broadband services. Telstra is proud to be helping customers improve the ways in which they live and work through connection