Brain Dating

For some conference delegates, there is nothing more stressful than the idea of networking. Many would rather pull out their smart phones and check their emails than take the risk of approaching a stranger to introduce themselves. However, when asked, many people cite networking as their number one reason for coming to conferences, so to avoid networking is disadvantageous.

Brain Dates remove the barriers to networking and help people engage in relevant conversations right away, reducing stress and connecting members in a meaningful way.

How it Works

A few weeks before the conference, delegates will be asked to submit discussion topics or specialist knowledge that they would like to know OR would like to share with another delegate. This could include anything from advice on community engagement strategies, or how to develop a staff newsletter. 

Topics could also be about personal growth, it does not just have to be around council business. Our members have such a wealth of information to offer each other, and Brain Dating encompasses the whole person, both personal and professional. You could consider health and wellbeing initiatives, reviews from a Millennial’s perspective or even how to build your LinkedIn profile.
The conference schedule has been designed so there is plenty of opportunity to catch up with people during breaks, plus an engaging space to meet at the Expo Café. Sponsors, conference partners and our staff will be joining in too!

Brain Dating is a new initiative for us, so we’re looking forward to seeing how it works and getting your feedback at the end of the conference.