Wollongong City Council - Carve a New Trail

Wollongong City Council - Carve a New Trail
LG Awards Winner Series - Wollongong City Council - Carve a New Trail

Wollongong City Council’s ‘Carve a New Trail’ project turned a problem into a community-driven solution.

Illegal bike trails create environmental issues through damage to trees and habitats, soil compaction, erosion and excavation. Illegal trails pose a safety risk, as the trails are not built to standards and are often in unsafe locations. In trying to resolve these issues, Council is often perceived as the ‘fun police’. Recognising the social, physical and emotional benefits  of bike riding, staff from Council’s Open Spaces + Environment Services, Community Development + Engagement, Youth Services and City Works teams worked collaboratively with our community to turn the ‘problem’ into a ‘solution’. 
‘Carve A New Trail’ adopted a co-design approach which saw young bike riders and Council staff working alongside a consultant from Iconic Trails to design and build a new dirt bike track. Community participants learnt the environmental and safety issues associated with building tracks in riparian corridors, while Council developed a greater understanding of how the space was being used. Working together to design and build the track has resulted in community ownership, increased safety, positive impacts for the environment and strong relationships between Council and the community.

22 September 2021
10:30AM - 11:15AM

PRESENTERS: Sarah Stewart and Greg Fikkers

Sarah Stewart
Sarah has worked in local government for the past 20 years in youth services and community development. Her roles have involved working with vulnerable communities and running community education programs that are based on people’s lived experiences. Sarah is a strong community advocate and is passionate about involving all communities in decisions that affect their lives, particularly young people.

Greg Fikkers

Greg's background is in conservation land management. His work with Council is focused on restoring natural areas and managing public reserves. He has a strong community focus, working with volunteer groups in undertaking conservation works and fostering community spirit.






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22/09/2021 10:30 AM - 22/09/2021 11:15 AM

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