Nectir - Ideation Management Platform

Nectir - Ideation Management Platform

23 February 2021 - 10:30am - 11:30am

Join us online for this weeks Supplier Marketplace Webinar. This week we will hear from Nectir and their Ideation Management Platform.

Build and embed an innovation culture to meet the challenges your communities face right now and in the future.

Innovation is a messy business. The answers are out there but there are often too many of them. Due to the complexity of navigating the answers, it does not allow for the best ideas to be implemented quickly.

It starts with creating a culture where innovation thrives by openly acknowledging that everyone needs to participate and embed an expectation so that everyone can ideate and collaborate across councils. By having a system to remove any obstacles, and ensuring your entire team is onboard, you’ll soon see collaboration where individuals contribute to collective problem solving, not only will you gather better ideas, but you’ll clearly establish that innovation is a symptom of teamwork.

Nectir is the solution to this. It provides a simple & easy approach to enabling the best idea’s to be visible and a practical program to push those idea’s through to rapid innovation to meet your community priorities. The most valuable insights happen in the moment and on the ground, with an idea management tool this makes logging ideas and collaborating on them easier and simple.

Presenter: Edwina McCulloch | Account Manager | Nectir


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23/03/2021 - 23/03/2021

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