Persuasive Adviser Training for Senior Leaders

Persuasive Adviser Training for Senior Leaders
Join us for the upcoming Persuasive Adviser Training for Senior Leaders and learn practical tools and techniques that will enable you to have a greater impact in your interactions as a trusted adviser.

You will often hear employees in advisery roles that are having trouble getting council to listen to their advice, let alone act, externalise the issue. They might make comments like ‘they are too busy to engage’, or ‘they have their handbrake on’, as they attempt to advise the best course of action. When you are an adviser to a business outside of council your challenge is even greater, as your ability to influence is significantly diminished. What you need is a tried and proven way to ensure your advice is top notch, understood and is powerfully persuasive.

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11/08/2020 - 11/08/2020
Hall & Wilcox
Level 18
347 Kent Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

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