Psychological Safety Masterclass

Psychological Safety Masterclass
The safety of staff at council has always been critically important.  Councils ensure WHS standards and procedures are met when it comes to physical safety. Psychological safety isn’t always given equal attention, yet it carries equal weighting in the WHS Act and poses a big risk to council around adverse action and other negative outcomes. 

This highlights the importance of leaders having the skills to ensure and manage a psychologically safe workplace.  Psychological safety is an environment where employees feel included, feel safe to learn, contribute, challenge ideas and decisions, or voice their concerns without fear of punishment, embarrassment, or being marginalised.  Without psychological safety, the risk of work-related psychological injury claims increases.

The Psychological Safety Masterclass explores this important topic and guides leaders through four stages of creating a psychologically safe workplace.  Leaders will learn the skills essential to each stage so they can immediately implement them in the workplace and track their progress throughout the online series.  Leaders will gain the skills essential to create a psychologically safe workplace, to increase employee wellbeing and performance at council.

This program includes four online workshops of 90 minutes, held over four consecutive weeks.  This allows participants to implement ideas and strategies from each learning block and build as the course progresses.

Session 1: 06 May - Introduction to the 4 Stages of Psychological Safety
Learn what psychological safety is, and its importance in the workplace.  Understand the ongoing benefits to the employer and employee for a positive culture.  Discuss regulatory and compliance requirements, and potential risks and consequences.

Session 2: 13 May - Inclusions versus Exclusion
Learn the consequences of exclusive and inclusive actions and behaviours in the workplace.  Understand why employees engage in the process of threat detection and how it stifles their ability to contribute fully.  Explore unconscious bias gaps and their impact on inclusion. 
Session 3: 20 May - Learner Safety and Contributor Safety
Explore the intellectual and emotional process of learning and the creation of a learning culture within an organisation.  The fundamental human need for growth and contribution, that can be leveraged as a result of feeling included.
Session 4: 27 May - Unlocking Challenger Safety
Unlock the benefits of innovation through psychological safety.  What happens to intellectual and social friction when people feel safe to challenge to status quo.  How to create and sustain a challenger safety culture within a team.

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6/05/2021 - 27/05/2021
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