Managing Self To Thrive in the Workplace

Managing Self To Thrive in the Workplace
There will always be events and situations that create stress for employees.  These can result in physical responses in our body, head, and hearts, and how we manage these directly impacts the quality of our working and professional life.
In the Thrive online workshop series, we will explore what we can ‘do’ with stress, and even begin to see stress as a gift towards new levels of self-mastery, performance, and improvement.  Our facilitator Dr Maria will share tools, resources, and strategies based on clinical practise, personal experience, decades of science, and ancient wisdom.  Participants will become more aware and able to identify stressors, and align and adapt, to grow, develop, and thrive in their roles.

Outcomes for improved adapting and aligning to stress include improved resilience; greater energy levels; improved performance; clearer thinking and greater fulfilment in role and life.  The skills during this workshop can be easily transferred from the workplace improving the general quality of life.

This program is run over four online workshops of 90 minutes, held over four consecutive weeks.  This allows participants to implement ideas and content from each learning block and build as the course progresses.

Session 1: 02 March - The Foundation of Stress
How to stress less and handle it with ease. Learn what stress is from a physical, chemical, and emotional perspective, and their impact on work and life.  Shifting perspective from trying to achieve a ‘stress free’ life to awareness of what stress is supportive and what stress hinders your growth and improvement.  In this session, participants set out goals to achieve through the program.

Session 2: 09 March - Time and Energy Management.  Flow with your energy
Explore what flow means in your life and clarify what energises and depletes you.  Create your personal energy map and learn how to design your day to support your natural energy and optimum performance.  Participants will also learn techniques that can energise and animate your system so you can function better.

Session 3: 16 March - Work with Your Strengths and Talents
Using Gallup strengths as a behaviour and style measurement tool, reflect on your dominant strength domain and the impact of misaligned behaviours on stress.  Align to your personal energy map and explore opportunities for improved performance along with two core principles of powerful teams.

Session 4: 23 March - Personal and Team Dynamics
Understand the circles of influence and increase your understanding of when to use influence and when to use power.  Learn nonverbal techniques that improve communication to improve your ability to influence.


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2/03/2021 - 23/03/2021
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