Management and Leadership

Learning outcome: to understand the goals of management, the attributes of a good leader, what and when to manage or lead. Participants leave with more clarity and confidence in their leadership role

Management and Leadership are often grouped together as one skill, but are not only different, should be used deliberately to grow personal effectiveness.  Understanding the responsibilities and what elements in the role should be managed, as well as exploring expectations people have of leaders and the associated desirable traits, gives participants direction for their development.  In this session we will unpack these two skills and give participants confidence to lead and manage in their current roles.  

The topics covered include:
  • Leading versus Managing
  • Why roles in local government exist, and the role of management
  • Exploring areas of influence, creating a culture of initiative
  • Getting things done through others, strategic planning
  • 3 attributes of an effective leaders:

    1. Optimistic and Positive: the importance of framing information, the impact on message and engagement
    2. Confident: what tone and body language habits to employ to communication confidently
    3. Consistent: the importance of being predictable, how to manage ourselves

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14/04/2021 - 14/04/2021
Online: Instructor Led,

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