Engaging and Influencing Others

Engaging and Influencing Others
Learning outcome: to help leaders engage and influence a greater number of stakeholders both internally and externally to council

We are often in a position where we need to influence and engage a diverse group of stakeholders.  It is not the same as how you would influence and engage friends or teammates, and often the success of the project relies on everyone moving in the right direction.   It would seem that giving people all the correct information would be the path to success and help people make good decisions, however, humans are not great at making rational decisions.  In this session we will explore the elements that engage and influence people so that we can position information in a way that supports good decision making in our audience.  

The topics covered include:
  • Consider who you are trying to influence and what the barriers to engaging and influencing them
  • The factors that influence
  • identifying personal strengths to influencing
  • The value of engagement, and initiative
  • Assisting memory and setting the direction for the project
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6/05/2021 - 6/05/2021
Online: Instructor Led,

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