Understanding Motivation

Understanding Motivation
Learning outcome: to understand the forces that help us feel motivated so that we can plan to help our teams feel more energised and leaders can be more strategic in their approach

Motivation is often confused with the incentives people use to ignite a change in behaviour.  At council there are few, if any, opportunities to offer incentives to improve performance which leaves people feeling powerless and ineffective.  However, motivation is something everyone has within them, and the factors that ignite that motivation and as unique as the individuals themselves.  It is empowering to understand the factors that motivate yourself, and powerful to recognise them in others.  In this session we will explore all the factors that play a part in motivation, so that participants can be strategic with how they apply them.  

The topics covered include:
  • The difference between motivation and inspiration
  • What extrinsic and intrinsic motivators are useful for
  • Three Intrinsic motivation categories
  • Linking tasks and roles to motivators
  • Listening for clues others give for their motivation igniters


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1/07/2020 - 1/07/2020
Online: Instructor Led, NSW 2000

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