Management Acceleration Programme

Larger projects often require us to work with and manage a broader range of stakeholders.  These can include employees from different teams, employees that work remotely, volunteers, elected members and community groups.  While the outcome of moving them towards a successful project is the same, it is how we move them towards project and task completion that differs.  For non-council employees, leaders need to become experts; influencing and empowering stakeholders to engage in the activities that align to the project.  This involves having a clear vision and associated tasks that empower the individual, and the ability to engage them in the project. 

Managing the project, requires tools that allow you to mitigate risk and meet deadlines throughout the life cycle of the project.  There are a number of tools that can be used depending on the project, and these will be explored along with project goals, scope, risks management and closing of tasks. 

Participants will leave this workshop with a comprehensive understanding of how to engage, influence and motivate, while being skilled at various project management tools.

Registration for this programme is via application which can be found here.
28/06/2019 - 27/03/2020
Sydney, NSW 2000

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