NSW Public Sector Capability Framework

LG Professionals, NSW has adapted the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework outlined below in a condensed version.

The capability framework describes the core capabilities and behaviours required of public sector employees, across all occupational groups.  It provides a common foundation for creating roles, managing performance, development and career planning. They are spread across 5 groups: personal attributes; relationships; results; business enablers and people management.  Within each group you will have 4 core capabilities that include a set of statements illustrating the type of behaviours expected at each level.  Levels increase with complexity and responsibility within council and are itemised as descriptor levels.  Descriptor levels range from foundational to highly advance, and increase with the complexity of the skills required.

Advanced descriptor level is aimed at experienced managers wishing to develop their career, in a role with responsibility for managing and developing staff, as well as risk and project management.