The Leadership Development Programme is an educational opportunity for leaders who wish to improve their ability to lead and manage their direct reports. The programme builds over 5 in class learning days, developing their leadership communication skills. The skills will centre around owning communication as a leader in every day interactions, performance improvement, dealing with conflict and presenting to an audience. Essential skills for the modern leader to be confident and proficient in the workplace.

Classroom Learning 

The programme will include 5 classroom learning days, with innovative content and engaging delivery. Participants will learn essential skills for their improved communication and management of their team. The inclusive environment also encourages conversation where participants share and challenge ideas. 

Peer to Peer Learning 

Discussing ideas and challenges with other participants that work at different councils, is an excellent way to improve local government knowledge without moving jobs. With peer to peer learning you can challenge ideas with open dialogue with professional peers that might have a different perspective on a similar situation. It allows more innovative thinking without the change of environment. 

Guest Speakers 

Industry speakers and specialists, facilitate conversations while sharing their knowledge and expertise. Allowing groups to connect with individuals that have specialised in their field and are happy to share their knowledge and experience. 


Participants may also choose an option to engage a mentor from the sector to add another dimension to their learning experience. Mentors are an additional option for leaders that would also like to engage an industry professional in their development and grow their network of local government contacts. 


The final learning opportunity is to present as a group at LG Forum. This presentation exposes participants to senior leaders from the sector as they present on a topic that is currently challenging councils. This gives the groups a platform to showcase their leadership skills and provides an opportunity for networking with other councils outside of their region.

The graduation dinner is held along with the Retiring Members dinner following the forum, where participants get the opportunity to network with other graduates and network in a less formal environment.

Key Topics

The learning outcome for the participants is to be more skilled and proactive in communication, while leading and managing their direct reports performance. Leaders will also experience improved confidence and self-awareness as they apply key content back at council. 

Flexible Communication 
Understanding leadership versus management 
Goals of management, and leadership traits 
Delivering feedback clearly 

Performance Improvement 
Articulating high performance 
Clarifying expectations and consequences 
When to coach, train and discipline

Courageous Conversations 
Understanding emotions 
Planning for a conversation 
Questions and engaging in the conversation

Dealing with Conflict 
Understanding types of conflict 
Styles to manage conflict 
Being a leader through conflict

Presenting with Influence 
Creating relevance 
Using your body and voice 
Tools to support engagement
This course is currently being delivered in Leeton.

In Leeton: Thu 23 + Fri 24 May, Thu 4 & Fri 5 Jul & Tue 3 Sep 2019 
Optional Meet Your Mentor Afternoon: Wed 3 Jul 2019 
In Sydney: 31 October 2019 and dinner that evening
Member: $2,420.00 
Non Member: $3,146.00 
All prices listed above include GST