With a high percentage of senior leaders in local government due to retire over the next ten years, there is no better time for managers to seek out senior managers or directors as a mentor, and leverage some of their experience, knowledge and skill. The mentoring journey is collaborative and unique, as you share different perspectives and use individual experiences to learn and grow through discussion and exploration. Most leaders have explored leadership through formal learning, however the opportunity to develop and grow as a leader through a network of senior members of the sector is both motivating and transformative.  Sharing real life examples from the sector and a range of departments, empowers the manager to take the leap into senior leadership and further their career.

Our New Approach

This cross-council programme brings together managers to learn from each other by sharing knowledge, expertise and skills. It will enable you to gain new perspectives and insights into the many rewarding career and leadership opportunities in local government.

Through the partnership with your mentor, you will gain an impartial platform to discuss potential career advancements, specific professional development options, sound board ideas or concerns and gain access to key networking opportunities. 

The Role and Value of Mentoring

Mentoring plays a vital role in helping individuals and councils. The programme is a specially useful tool to:

- Prepare senior executives for general manager succession planning

- Develop the leadership capacity and capability of senior managers into broader, more strategic leadership roles
- Enhance interpersonal, management and leadership skills.