The Aspiring Leaders Mentoring Programme is a platform where ambitious local government professionals in the early stages of their careers can gain professional development, top level local government networking opportunities and insights into career opportunities. 

Aspiring Leaders will be paired with an experienced local government professional to support their professional development and career goals. Through regular meetings the Aspiring Leader will be able to objectively sound board ideas or concerns, further develop their networks and advance programme related tasks. The Aspiring Leader will also have access to content experts, discussing hot topics affecting local government, ensuring the subject matter is relevant and innovative. 

With one destination (Sydney), the Aspiring Leaders Mentoring Programme will bring emerging leaders together from across the state to take part in an accessible, engaging and inspirational programme.

Application Process


As places in this popular programme are limited, participants are determined through an application process.


To be considered please download and submit the application form available by clicking on the APPLY NOW button.

Places will be offered to successful participants no later than 18 Mar 2019, allowing ample time to coordinate work commitments and travel requirements.

Two successful applicants will also be selected to receive an additional development opportunity with Blackadder Associates. This will include a Hogan leadership assessment and coaching for a 6 month period with a dedicated professional for introspective assessment of the individuals.