Who Should Enter?

Every council in Australia and New Zealand should have at least one team participating in the Challenge. Very small councils should consider participating through the formation of a composite team with a neighbouring authority.

Teams of five or six can be made up of people from any discipline or hierarchy. You may invite an experienced manager or team leader, a member of the IT department, librarians and other community service staff. Each task is designed to ensure every member of every team comes away with new and practical insights into excellence in leadership and management.

Teams are assisted with the provision of sample tasks from past Challenge events, and may also seek the evaluation summaries of previous entrants.

Everyone - from experienced managers to emerging leaders - comes away with new and practical insights into excellence in leadership and management.

More than any other traditional training program or seminar, the LG Professionals Australia Australasian Management Challenge assists councils to:

  • Attract and retain staff
  • Improve organisational culture
  • Promote team-work
  • Develop new and sustainable management skills
  • Breakdown silos
  • Grow inter-departmental relationships, and
  • Build capacity

Challenge Dates and Location

27 & 28 March 2018
Sydney, NSW
Specific location details to be confirmed shortly

Further Information

The Pre Challenge Task will be available on 15 December 2017 and will be due back on 28 February 2018.
Please check the 2018 Australasian Management Challenge website for further information.


Learning and Development Coordinator
02 8297 1201

Previous Finalists


2017 Finalists


1st Mid-Western Regional Council
2nd Camden Council
3rd Fairfield City Council

2016 Finalists


1st Fairfield City Council
2nd Lake Macquarie City Council
3rd Bankstown City Council

2015 Finalists


1st Marrickville Council
2nd Bankstown City Council
3rd Tweed Shire Council

2014 Finalists


1st Warringah Council
2nd Waverley Council
3rd Bankstown City Council

2013 Finalists


1st Randwick City Council
2nd Warringah Council
3rd Kogarah City Council

2012 Finalists


1st Randwick City Council
2nd Shoalhaven City Council
3rd Wagga Wagga City (Bidgee Team)

2011 Finalists


1st Wollongong City Council
2nd Auburn City Council and Wagga Wagga City Council
3rd Willoughby Council

2010 Finalists

1st Tweed Shire Council
2nd Randwick City Council
3rd Wollongong City Council