Local Government Induction

Developed in collaboration with industry professionals, The Local Government Induction Course is a fully comprehensive, online learning tool for the local government sector. No matter what level or role you play in council, this induction programme gives a comprehensive overview of local government and how it operates for the community.

Self Paced

The Local Government Induction Course has been designed for flexible learning arrangements. Once enrolled you are able to work through the course content at your own pace, pausing the modules at any time, with a bookmark function that allows you to resume at that spot when you return. All content is narrator lead, with easy to follow chaptering and progression through all 13 modules.

Easy To Use

The Local Government Induction Course is accessible from anywhere you have internet access. Upon enrollment you will be given the website address to access the course as well as a unique user name and password allowing you to progress through the modules whereever is convenient.


In total there are 13 interactive and easy to read modules and at the end of each module there is a short quiz to assess the your understanding of the module with the option to repeat the module if desired.



Module 1 : Introduction to Federal Government

Module 2 : Introduction to State Government

Module 3 : Introduction to Local Government

Module 4 : Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships

Module 5 : Council Operations

Module 6 : Community Engagement

Module 7 : Planning and Reporting

Module 8 : Financial Management

Module 9 : Governance

Module 10 : Human Resources

Module 11 : Work, Health and Safety

Module 12 : Council Meetings

Module 13 : Acronym Directory

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