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There are days when my job is super cool and yesterday was one of those days! Thank you to Craig Swift-McNair Anna Cooper and Todd Hopwood for assessing the applications for our New Zealand Overseas Manager Exchange. I'm thrilled to announce Justine Uluibau as the recipient of this year's scholarship. A member since 2011, Justine is currently the Executive Manager Community and Cultural Services at Campbelltown City Council and will be heading to Napier in September for the SOLGM (Society Of Local Government Managers) Annual Summit and meet with surrounding councils and international peers. Congratulations Justine and we look forward to hearing all about the Exchange. hashtaglocalgovernment hashtagexchange hashtagleadership Vicki Mayo Acting Chief Executive Officer

I spent an hour today with our Next Gen Member Network Executive discussing the network's new strategic plan and the upcoming Next Gen Conference.

Sometimes we lose sight of the passion and commitment our member network executives have for the sector and the association so it's great when I can spend some quality time with amazing individuals and see the association through their eyes.

Thank you Alana VillataLuke Fitzgerald; Russell Peake and Chair Daniel Fulton for allowing me to crash your meeting, to work with you in developing your strategic plan and for trusting us with the Next Gen Conference - we can't wait to host it with you this year!

Vicki Mayo
Acting Chief Executive Officer