Member Networks

Local Government Professionals Australia, NSW has fostered the development of member networks to facilitate the networking of local government professionals with like interests. These member networks are at the heart of what we do and an invaluable resource for local government professionals, for information sharing and networking. We encourage all of our members to participate in our member network activities and further information on each of the networks can be accessed below. 

Upcoming Member Network Events

Begin DateNameCityEvent Code
25/10/2019Integrated Planning and Reporting Member Network ForumFairfieldIPRF251019IPRF251019
31/10/2019LG Next GenMascotLGNXTGEN19LGNXTGEN19
13/11/2019LG FinanceHunter ValleyFPAC19FPAC19
11/03/2020LG GovernanceTBALGGOV20LGGOV20
8/05/2020Integrated Planning and Reporting Member Network ForumNorth SydneyIPRF080520IPRF080520
12/08/2020LG Integrated PlannersTBALGIP20LGIP20
23/10/2020Integrated Planning and Reporting Member Network ForumTBAIPRF231020IPRF231020

Click on the links below to learn more about our member networks