Councils are leading the future development of NSW and its communities. Smart councils go further and empower their local communities; working alongside them to achieve outcomes that deliver change and innovation for a brighter future. A new generation of local government is emerging; will your council be at the forefront?

LGC19 brings together those at the forefront of business strategy and innovation to share thoughts and gain knowledge, through learning and discussion with the aim of achieving sector wide transformation.

You will hear, be inspired by and take away valuable ideas from a wide range of industry leaders, guest speakers and fellow peers as we explore how smart councils are creating connected communities. 

From round table discussions, to presentations, to ‘on the couch’ chats, LGC19 will provide you with a range of information and ideas, allow you to explore areas of interest and hear about opportunities on the horizon.

 DATE: 19 - 21 June 2019
 VENUE: The Westin Hotel, Sydney

Who Should Attend

 LGC19 welcomes all staff working in local government at all stages of their career. This conference will be of significant interest to:
  • General Mangers
  • Directors
  • Business Planning Professionals
  • Business Improvement Professionals
  • City Managers
  • Digital Strategy Managers
  • Community and Place Managers
  • Innovators and Change Managers


The Conference Will Focus On


Improved Liveability
Various sessions will examine how councils are ensuring an improved liveability for their community. From conducting authentic engagement, creating digital strategies or measuring community impact, we will explore the need to put communities at the heart of our ‘SMART’ strategies in order to effect real and positive improvements in their wellbeing. 

Investing in Partnerships
We will examine how the power of the many far outweighs that of the few, as we look at case studies of councils working together to create and implement their ‘SMART’ strategy, through to the value of collaboration and bringing disparate resources together to design the new tomorrow.

The Value of Data
At the core of effective decision making is reliable data that illustrates a picture of the community, not only at that place in time, but for generations to come. This data underpins how council responds now and plans for the future, constantly changing and adapting with the needs of the community to deliver a strategy which is ‘SMART’ for them.

What Tomorrow is Bringing

‘SMART’ councils are looking ahead, planning for tomorrow and embracing the change that inevitably comes. We will examine in detail what tomorrow may be bringing and how ‘SMART’ councils are planning for the disruption of the future.


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