Outplacement and Career Transition Council Services

Local Government Professionals Australia, NSW in collaboration with PHR Consulting is pleased to offer councils the opportunity to support their staff who are impacted by outplacement and/or job change. PHR Consulting is a professional outplacement provider whose services will be a valuable tool in managing the human impact of change in your council. They are able to provide outplacement services that focus on each individual impacted by change. Regardless of whether they are working with senior executives, management, professionals, administration or operations, PHR Consulting’s objective is to understand the individual and their needs, and build a support program to assist them in achieving their career transition goal.

Benefits for council:

  • Liability prevention. Demonstrate that your council offers grounded and fair separation programs.
    Outplacement services display your commitment to fulfilling your corporate responsibility to all your employees, not just those directly impacted.
  • Enhanced corporate image Preserve your council’s reputation by caring for transitioning staff.
    Providing professional career coaching support will elevate your brand in the eyes of stakeholders,remaining employees and future job candidates.
  • Better retention rates and productivity from remaining staff. 
    Outplacement demonstrates your concern for employees, even when tough business decisions force redundancies. Retain key talent by showing care for your employees.

Who is PHR Consulting?

PHR Consulting was established in 2005 to assist organisations employ, develop and transition the capability within their business. Their key coaching interventions are in developing leaders and teams to be more capable and supporting employees transitioning into and out of organisations. They ensure direction is clarified, assumptions are effectively challenged, accountability encouraged and capability honed and realised.

Consulting Services

PHR Consulting’s role will be to:

1. Support council management

  • Project planning support as needed in the event of retrenchments or redeployments
  • Pre termination support (planning and preparation for termination discussions, messages, communications and information packs)
  • Exit interview training for staff
  • Termination day support

2. Support affected employees

  • Explore career options
  • Capability resume
  • Other communications or documents needed for job search
  • Interview techniques training and practice
  • Offer evaluation support