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What is it?

The Strategic Workforce Planning Tool is a two-step process that is broken down into:

Phase 1 - Organisational Diagnostics and Profiling
Uploading all workforce data analysis of key workforce trends and profiles from the Council Workforce and Service Inventory Tool. Statistics and data will then be presented in a dashboard format for easy assessment. Additional workforce data can also be added from your own payroll and finance systems.

Phase 2 - Future Organisation Structures
Utilise the workforce data to present current councils’ organisational structures which will then allow for creating scenario modelling while applying specific assumptions. Your council can compare and cost future scenarios across key areas and elements given the implication of changes.

Who is it for?

For executives planning and managing merger implementation and HR experts in all councils who wish to optimise workforce resource management.

How will it benefit you?

This world-class strategic workforce planning tool has been made available and designed for NSW councils. You will receive a special purpose planning module that reaches across the organisation for diagnostic as well as structure planning in terms of individual, salary and compensation for example. Detailed scenario analysis and modelling will simplify the salary budgeting process of long-term planning to alleviate future service pressures and adhere to any requirements. The capability to link workforce expense plans into the analytics tool offers organisations the chance to accurately assess real time business impacts of workforce decisions on overall expense plans and budgets.

Why is this tool useful for service planning also?

Now that your council has progressed through a successful remodelling phase using the Strategic Workforce Planning Tool it is recommended that you also complete your service planning next. Our exclusive RevuMap service review tool will benchmark and process review your services utilising workforce costs from the Workforce Planning Tool. RevuMap covers two major concepts: identifying potential service delivery improvements thus improving organisational efficiency and effectiveness - and also provides you with a business case at the end to take to council.

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