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What is it?

RevuMap offers self empowered service reviews. It is an intelligent and integrated Service Review, Business Improvement, Benchmarking and Process Management Tool that delivers productivity improvements & real bottom line savings. Only available in NSW via LG Professionals, NSW with significant industry-wide savings. 

Strategic Service Planning involves two distinct phases:

Phase 1

  • Service Profiling and Analysis (Current Service Review)
  • Profiling service outputs, key performance data and strategic links
  • Service SWOT analysis with actioning
  • Budget analysis and risk analysis
  • Current service process modelling (FTEs, costs)
Phase 2 - Future Organisation Resources
  • Changes to service delivery and assumptions
  • Revised service process modelling (FTEs, costs)
  • Define and compare levels of service and impact on FTEs and costs
  • Identify revised service key actions and performance indicators

Who is it for?

For executives planning and managing merger implementation, business unit managers and HR experts in all councils who wish to optimise workforce resource management.

How will it benefit you?

RevuMap will give you a clearer understanding of business and community requirements, with stronger alignment of processes to business goals. The tool will deliver better quality and value services/processes with reduction in time, effort and cost while identifying duplication in efforts. This will result in more involvement and empowerment of staff to create a culture of positive change that links to productivity gains.

Across the board RevuMap will provide bottom line savings through improving organisational productivity throughout your council and identify key efficiency savings and additional income opportunities.

Why is this tool useful for service planning?

Our exclusive RevuMap service review tool will benchmark and process review your services utilising workforce costs from the Workforce Planning Tool.

RevuMap covers two major concepts: identifying potential service delivery improvements thus improving organisational efficiency and effectiveness - and also providing you with a business case at the end to take to council. Council reform creates further need for advanced integrated service review, benchmarking and business process management and RevuMap has been developed specifically to meet these challenges.

The service review functionality of RevuMap has essential deliverables associated with ongoing organisational development and workforce planning requirements. It delivers outputs critical for local government reform around, shared services, benchmarking, potential amalgamations and internal productivity improvements generally. 

RevuMap links to the Strategic Workforce Planning Tool data

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