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What is it?

The Inventory Tool is broken into three outputs:
a) Detailed HR data at an individual employee level
b) A consolidated pivot table of HR data for each council as well as a combined workforce data set
c) Analytics and charts

Who is it for?

For executives planning and managing merger implementation and HR experts.

How will it benefit you?

It will allow councils to better understand how many active employees are in place across the councils and subsequently perform deeper analysis by staff level, service area, tenure, gender, profiling and leave liability etc. This in turn will assist councils to establish a baseline inventory - you will have a good idea of the shape and mix of your workforce/s on day one. It will also enable engagement in conversation around the type of resources (staff levels, gender, generation) that exist in different service areas. It will fast track you prior to a merger, as well as after and provide future, more sophisticated resource planning.

Why is this useful moving forward?

You will be provided with a unique set of insights and a breakdown of your council. This allows an exclusive opportunity for future planning and forecasting as the data can also be fed through to the Strategic Workforce Planning Tool and Strategic Service Planning Tool to assist you in modelling your council maximising outcomes.