Board of Directors

Board elections for 2018 have commenced.


Stewart Todd
General Manager
Narrabri Shire Council



One of my main focuses will always remain on ensuring that the association continues to provide great opportunities for the "up and comers" of our industry to grow and learn - placing Local Government in safe hands now and into the future. Our industry has, in the last number of years, seen a steady and consistent exodus of very experienced Local Government professionals - we need to ensure we train, pass on knowledge and retain a knowledgeable, skilled and capable workforce to ensure the future sustained success of Local Government in NSW. 

Our association needs to return its focus to its membership base. The association has rode some disruptive waves in recent times - and done a commendable job - however these times are hopefully behind us all and the association, as I say, needs to ensure it now refocuses on its members. We need a strong strategy of re-engagement, we need to ensure the association returns to the front of the minds of NSW Local Government professionals for networking, gaining experience and seeking assistance - a major refocus on the members, the life blood of the association.

David Tuxford
Director Business and Corporate Services
Georges River Council



To ensure the financial sustainability and long-term future of LG Professionals, NSW.