Time and Self-Management

As local government changes, so do the roles and responsibilities of the people managing the workload.  With completion of tasks the main goal, the busy worker does not consider the activities they are employing and the habits they are creating. Once a habit is created little thought is given to its viability, instead the focus shifts to the amount of work and how it makes us feel. Taking a step away from your busy work day and habits with a focus on improving the way in which we work, will create new habits that give us a sense of control and ensure increased productivity.

Key content

  • The importance of being productive: habits that support us, and habits that make us busy.
  • Direction: knowing where we are going and what the measurement of productivity is.
  • Getting focused: how to concentrate and not  become distracted.
  • Being organised: using the tools you have available in a way that supports not hinders productivity.
  • Discipline: knowing what I need, and setting myself up to do it.

Who should attend?

This course is open to any leader working in the local government sector and will be of particular interest to:   
  • Front line team members
  • Team leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Any local government employee that wants to improve their productivity

Benefits for the delegate

Participants will leave this workshop with a fresh perspective on how to organise their day, and maintain a sense of control so they can improve their productivity.

Benefits for council

With implementation of new habits, council can expect an improvement in productivity and reduction in the number of employees feeling overwhelmed.

Delivered in council

If you have a number of people at your council or in your region that would benefit from this programme, this course is available for in council delivery.  With any group size up to 20, room size permitting, we will come to your council and deliver a tailored version of the course designed for your team members. 

For the cost of this course to be delivered at your council or in your region please contact
Mia Wall
Learning and Development Coordinator
02 8297 1201 

Capabilities framework

The descriptor level for the course is set at an ‘Foundational’ level and will cover the following capabilities:

Personal attributes:   Display resilience and courage 
 Manage self
Relationships:  Work collaboratively  
Results:  Plan and prioritise
 Demonstrate accountability
People management:    Optimise business outcomes        
To discuss options and ways to tailor the content to your local council please contact Gavin at LG Professionals, NSW:

Gavin Carnegie, Learning and Development Manager
P 02 8297 1211          
M 0408 944 107          
E trainer@lgprofessionals.com.au