Presenting with Influence

To be influential in a presentation you will need to have more than correct facts and a tidy PowerPoint presentation. Delivering your message confidently while building your credibility and creating relevance for your audience, takes skill and practise. Whether you are presenting to small or large groups, stakeholders or colleagues, being able to be influential with your presentation is a life-long skill. Understanding how to use your body and your voice deliberately to enhance your message, and deliver information in a way that is retained, ensures your influence is felt long after the presentation has ended.

Key content

  • Getting started: understanding the basics of room environment and presentation tools.
  • Creating relevance: crafting your introduction to create relevance for the audience.
  • Using your body and voice: how and when to move and use your voice.
  • Make your message memorable: understanding how the brain remembers information to make the message stick.

Who should attend?

This course is open to any leader working in the local government sector and will be of particular interest to:
  • Experienced team leaders
  • Experienced supervisors
  • Managers
  • Any leader wanting to improve their presenting skills

Benefits for the delegate

Participants will leave this presentation knowing how to structure their introduction and presentation, to get buy in and create relevance.  Participants will also learn how to engage their body to further communicate their message and engage their audience.

Benefits for council

Having team members confidently present and facilitate, council can expect an improvement in team meetings, delivery of proposals, and confidence in leadership.

Delivered in council

If you have a number of people at your council or in your region that would benefit from this programme, this course is available for in council delivery.  With any group size up to 20, room size permitting, we will come to your council and deliver a tailored version of the course designed for your team members. 

For the cost of this course to be delivered at your council or in your region please contact
Mia Wall
Learning and Development Coordinator 
02 8297 1201 

Capabilities framework

The descriptor level for the course is set at an ‘Adept’ level and will cover the following capabilities:

Personal attributes:   Display resilience and courage 
 Manage self
Relationships:  Communicate effectively 
 Influence and negotiate 
Results:  Plan and prioritise
 Think and solve problems
People management:    Optimise business outcomes
 Inspire direction and purpose    
To discuss options and ways to tailor the content to your local council please contact Gavin at LG Professionals, NSW:

Gavin Carnegie, Learning and Development Manager
P 02 8297 1211          
M 0408 944 107