Clarifying Expectation and Consequences

Learning outcome: to have clarified expectation for high performing habits and associated consequences

Even the most passionate person can perform poorly if they do not know what is expected of them.  Clarifying our expectations is part of improving performance, and one people tend to focus on.  However, projects and tasks also need to include the associated consequences to ensure sound decision making.  These expectations and consequences can also change over time as change impacts the way we work, meaning leaders and high performers should be constantly reviewing them.  In this session participants will objectively unpack the actions and task that a high performer would do, and their associated consequences. 

The topics covered include:
  • Exploring the impact of unclear expectations and consequences on performance and culture
  • Exploring high performance.  Aligning tasks and actions to the purpose of the department and not personal preferences
  • What are consequences, are we more comfortable with positive consequences as opposed to negative ones
  • How to develop others, when to train coach discipline and motivate
  • Exploring with the team and challenges to get buy in

Date and Time

Thursday 17 September
9am - 12pm

LG Professionals, NSW Member : $285.00
Non Member: $395.00

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