Being a Leader of Communication

Learning outcome: to understand our personal and other people’s behaviour as a form of communication, and to improve personal effectiveness and communication.

Most people feel their communication style is effective and that others could learn a lesson or two.  Mostly people feel justified with their communication style as our lessons have been forming throughout our life, and continually reinforced by our communication habits.  However, no one is ever the best communicator for everyone, and in an increasingly diverse workforce and community, our ability to be a flexible communicator is of paramount importance.  This course enables participants to understand communication as an opportunity and provides structure for how to be flexible.  The topics covered include:
  • Behaviour versus personality, and communication
  • Exploring my personal communication preference
  • Exploring the strengths, limitations and impact of our communication preferences
  • Identifying others communication preference
  • Methods to control and shape responses for others
  • Improving communication through phone and email

Date and Time

Thursday 03 September
9am - 12pm

LG Professionals, NSW Member : $285.00
Non Member: $395.00

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