Fundamentals of Procurement

Purchasing goods or services with agency funds is a more complex activity than simply going out and buying something. Meeting governance, probity and value for money requirements is essential. This one-day programme is designed to ensure that government officers involved in spending local government funds are aware of the legislative, regulatory and policy requirements. The course delivery is based on interactive and practical learning activities designed to allow participants to apply newly acquired knowledge in actual workplace scenarios. Any officer new to local government or any officer who is in any way connected with purchasing goods or services should attend.

Fundamentals of Procurement is facilitated by AcademyGlobal, a leading capability development firm, with the aim of providing research-validated management training. They create future careers by delivering an engaging and rewarding learning experience that builds confidence, expertise and knowledge. LG Professionals, NSW has worked closely with AcademyGlobal to ensure their course is relevant to those working in local government.

Key content

  • Provide an overview of fundamental procurement concepts and techniques
  • Understand how procurement can assist local  government achieve goals
  • Explore the legal, policy and administrative framework procurement operates in
  • Payment tools, ordering, receiving and the payment process
  • Conduct low-value purchasing activities, using accountable and defensible procurement techniques

Who should attend?

This course is open to any leader working in the local government sector and will be of particular interest to:
  • Experienced supervisors
  • Managers
  • Any leader involved who has procurement responsibilities

Benefits for the delegate

Participants will leave this course understanding the obligations when using local government funds. As well as an ability to conduct low value, low risk procurement with greatly reduced possibility of breaching legislative and regulatory requirements.

Benefits for council

Council can expect teams to have reduced costs in purchasing fundamentals, as well as improved compliance and probity in purchasing fundamentals.

Delivered in council

If you have a number of people at your council or in your region that would benefit from this programme, this course is available for in council delivery.  With any group size up to 20, room size permitting, we will come to your council and deliver a tailored version of the course designed for your team members. 

For the cost of this course to be delivered at your council or in your region please contact
Mia Wall
Learning and Development Coordinator 
02 8297 1201 

Capabilities framework

The descriptor level for the course is set at an ‘Intermediate’ level and will cover the following capabilities:

Results:  Deliver results
 Demonstrate accountability
Business Enablers:    Finance
 Procurement and contract management
To discuss options and ways to tailor the content to your local council please contact Gavin at LG Professionals, NSW:

Gavin Carnegie, Learning and Development Manager
P 02 8297 1211          
M 0408 944 107