Core Financial Skills

Finance can seem challenging if you have no background or exposure to budgeting and finance principles. This programme is specifically designed for non-financial managers who have responsibility for a budget and provides the financial knowledge needed to be a financially savvy manager as well as understanding the different components to budgeting such as the classifications of staff and treatment of leave allocations. The programme provides an overview of financial concepts, language and tools to assist in managing budgets successfully, without the need to be a ‘finance wiz’.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers is facilitated by AcademyGlobal,  a leading capability development firm, with the aim of providing research-validated management training. They create future careers by delivering an engaging and rewarding learning experience that builds confidence, expertise and knowledge. LG Professionals, NSW has worked closely with AcademyGlobal to ensure their course is relevant to those working in local government.

Key content

  • Understand how funding allocations are developed and how to influence them
  • Know expenditure rules, including regulations and Acts governing the rules of funds
  • Prepare unit budgeting, including salary budget
  • Prepare budget planning and cost-benefit analysis
  • Prepare budget performance reporting
  • Understand internal controls and monthly reporting
  • Manage across several project budgets

Who should attend?

This course is open to any leader working in the local government sector and will be of particular interest to:
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Any leader wanting to improve their finance skills

Benefits for the delegate

Participants will leave this course with an understanding of basic finance and accounting principles, and a greater ability in budgeting and financial management.

Benefits for council

Council can expect teams to have more effectively managed budgets across the organisation. They will also have more staff that are knowledgeable in the regulations and Acts governing public finance.

Delivered in council

If you have a number of people at your council or in your region that would benefit from this programme, this course is available for in council delivery.  With any group size up to 20, room size permitting, we will come to your council and deliver a tailored version of the course designed for your team members. 

For the cost of this course to be delivered at your council or in your region please contact
Melinda Budd
Learning and Development Coordinator 
02 8297 1210

Capabilities framework

The descriptor level for the course is set at an ‘Intermediate’ level and will cover the following capabilities:

Results:  Deliver results
 Demonstrate accountability
Business Enablers:    Finance
 Project management
To discuss options and ways to tailor the content to your local council please contact Gavin at LG Professionals, NSW:

Gavin Carnegie, Learning and Development Manager
P 02 8297 1211          
M 0408 944 107