Courageous Conversations

The capacity of a leader to demonstrate authenticity while engaging in a sensitive and challenging conversation is not a common trait. It is a skill we can learn when we understand the opportunity for transformation and growth in our team members, is greater than our discomfort. Participants will learn the steps involved to embark on a courageous conversation, to grow and develop their team in a meaningful way, moving from superficial polite conversation and explore each team member’s full potential in a deep dive conversation with structure and guidance. 

Key content

  • Reasons we avoid challenging conversations: the common uncomfortable reasons we avoid the discussion.
  • Dealing with emotions: emotions are normal, understand how to deal with them in a sensitive way.
  • Leadership integrity: what do I stand for, and what does my behaviour tell people I value.
  • Planning a conversation: planning to engage, listen, and enquire to deep dive.
  • Questions: preparing good questions to ask to fully understand the challenges they are facing

Who should attend?

This course is open to any leader working in the local government sector and will be of particular interest to:
  • Experienced team leaders
  • Experienced supervisors
  • Managers
  • Any leader wanting to improve their skill and engage in a courageous conversation with maturity and grace

Benefits for the delegate

Participants will leave this workshop with a structure on how to have a courageous conversation, and the confidence to initiate them.

Benefits for council

With leaders confidently advancing courageous conversations, council can expect improved performance, having underperforming behaviours and habits being addressed and managed.

Delivered in council

If you have a number of people at your council or in your region that would benefit from this programme, this course is available for in council delivery.  With any group size up to 20, room size permitting, we will come to your council and deliver a tailored version of the course designed for your team members. 

For the cost of this course to be delivered at your council or in your region please contact
Melinda Budd
Learning and Development Coordinator 
02 8297 1210

Capabilities framework

The descriptor level for the course is set at an ‘Adept’ level and will cover the following capabilities:

Personal attributes:   Display resilience and courage
 Act with integrity
 Manage self   
Relationships:  Communicate effectively
 Work collaboratively
Results:  Plan and prioritise
 Demonstrate accountability
People management:    Manage reform and change
 Manage and develop people       
To discuss options and ways to tailor the content to your local council please contact Gavin at LG Professionals, NSW:

Gavin Carnegie, Learning and Development Manager
P 02 8297 1211          
M 0408 944 107