One Day Courses

The capacity of a leader to demonstrate authenticity while engaging in a sensitive and challenging conversation is not a common trait. It is a skill we can learn when we understand the opportunity for transformation and growth in our team members, is greater than our discomfort. Participants will learn the steps involved to embark on a courageous conversation, to grow and develop their team in a meaningful way, moving from superficial polite conversation and explore each team member’s full potential in a deep dive conversation with structure and guidance.  
Your people are the most valuable and expensive asset you have. Hoping that they will perform well, while business and customer needs shift around them, can create an ordinary or underperforming team culture. To develop a high performing team we need to understand the elements that need to be present, so that people can perform at their best and thrive in their role. Whether you are leading remote team members, part time staff or newly combined teams, performance direction will include key business drivers and behavioural expectations.
To be influential in a presentation you will need to have more than correct facts and a tidy PowerPoint presentation. Delivering your message confidently while building your credibility and creating relevance for your audience, takes skill and practice. Whether you are presenting to small or large groups, stakeholders or colleagues, being able to be influential with your presentation is a life-long skill. Understanding how to use your body and your voice deliberately to enhance your message, and deliver information in a way that is retained, ensure your influence is felt long after the presentation has ended.
We start negotiating as kids, bargaining our bed time or a second serving of dessert. We know who we are negotiating with, we know what is at stake for us and have little fear asking for what we want. Now in the professional world the game has changed, who we are negotiating with might be unknown and the stakes are higher. Negotiating with more senior staff, or with an external provider can seem daunting until you know and have practiced the key elements to negotiating well.
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Management and Leadership

Taking on the role of supervisor or team leader is an important step on your leadership journey. Practical skill that you will call on immediately, to manage your team, communicate effectively and provide direction, set strong foundations for continued development. This two-day course covers topics that help new supervisors and team leaders, become aware of their leadership and communication preferences, as well as understanding team needs and behaviour.
Participants will leave this course with the skills to begin managing a team effectively and the confidence to apply learnt materials.
As community needs change, the expectations and strain placed upon each council in local government also increases. Leaders now need to closely manage staff performance and grow the people in their business to increase productivity and remain viable. They need to be able to manage the changes in their environment, leading people through these changes to keep the team united and motivated.
Participants will leave this course with a range of ways to help their people perform at their best. Understanding both the importance of articulating what high performance looks like, the importance of an overall vision for motivation, and having the tools to implement them.
Large projects and being responsible for a greater number of people requires special planning. Understanding the elements for creating a resilient team, and being able to help other leaders articulate and execute a vision for the future, are essential elements for any modern leader. Influencing internal and external stakeholders requires planning throughout the different stages of the project.
As well as an increase in the number of people you are responsible for, changes to regulations, systems and projects bring an increased exposure to risk. Day two of the programme provides answers to the key questions facing managers responsible for risk management and presents a practical step by step approach to developing a risk plan.
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13/03/2018Stepping Into SupervisingSydneySISP130318SISP130318
11/04/2018Stepping Into SupervisingNorth WestSISP110418SISP110418
16/05/2018Stepping Into SupervisingSouthern NSWSISP160518SISP160518
4/07/2018Stepping Into SupervisingSydneySISP040718SISP040718
11/09/2018Stepping Into SupervisingOranaSISP110918SISP110918

Rural Management Challenge

The Rural Management Challenge is a professional development opportunity for all up and coming staff within council.

Specially designed to provide councils in rural and regional areas of NSW the opportunity to take part in this truly unique professional development experience, the Challenge develops skills and knowledge that can be immediately applied back at council.

How The Challenge Works
Over two days, teams of four come together to compete against other councils in their region as they are challenged with tasks which stretch their knowledge of local government and their council’s policies and procedures. All tasks are tailored specifically for rural and regional councils, addressing realistic scenarios faced in the day-to-day management of council operations.
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Women's Leadership Lunch Series

In 2017 we're hosting our LG Women in Leadership Lunch series. Designed around professional development and networking, each month we will be holding a lunch in a different location around the state, which will include an inspirational guest speaker followed by a professional development workshop.

Each of the lunches will feature an keynote presentation from an inspirational leader in the region and be followed by a two hour professional development workshop facilitated by Gavin Carnegie our Learning and Development Manager around 'Building Resilience in Your Team'.
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Other Training