Why Participate?

The Rural Management Challenge has been designed to give councils in rural and regional areas of NSW the opportunity to participate in this invaluable staff training and professional development exercise. The tasks of the challenge are uniquely designed to address issues and challenges facing rural and regional councils in NSW, encourage team work, leadership building and communicating skills. Previous participants have gained a greater understanding of their council, their community and local government as a sector as a result of the challenge.

The Challenge

The challenge is held over two days, commencing at midday on day one and concluding at midday on day two. As part of the challenge, teams are invited to attend the Rural Management Challenge Dinner which is held on the evening of day one and provides excellent networking opportunities for team members with their neighbouring peers. Each team is provided with a certificate of participation following the challenge and the team who scores the overall highest mark is sponsored to go on and compete in the LGMA Australasian Management Challenge in March 2016.

How The Challenge Works

Each team is comprised of four team members plus a team mentor. Each team comes together and competes with other rural and regional council teams in their local government area across two-days filled with a variety of tasks. Tasks are generally focused on council operations and previous tasks have included role plays, reports, presentations, drafting of press releases and working together in cross council teams.

Where councils are not in a position to enter an independent team, we support combination teams with participants from two or more councils coming together to form a composite team.

Each team is required to have an LG Professionals, NSW member as their mentor, who will coach the team pre and post the challenge. Mentors also play a vital role on the challenge days and are invited to be a part of the facilitation team and contribute to the tasks. Mentors receive detailed information before the challenge begins, to assist their team throughout the two days as well as a detailed report from the facilitators post-challenge, which will form the basis for debriefing and the application of the learning outcomes to the workplace.

Role of the Host Council

• Assisting with securing a suitable venue for the challenge (LG Professionals, NSW will cover all associated costs of the challenge).
• Promoting the challenge to all neighbouring councils.
• Provide the official welcome on day one of the challenge and optional attendance at the challenge dinner.
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Challenge Information

Registration Fee:
$1,545.00 per team excluding GST

Registration cost includes the following for both team members and team mentor:
• Day 1 - lunch, afternoon tea and dinner
• Day 2 - morning tea and lunch
Please note, accommodation is not included and will need to be arranged by councils and teams independently.

Minimum Numbers:
To ensure the best learning outcomes for the teams, and to ensure all associated costs to facilitate the challenge are met, we require a minimum of four teams per location. There is no limit to the number of locations that he challenge is held.

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