Luke Fitzgerald
Luke has recently joined us at LG Professionals, NSW as an Under 35 member and we were glad to welcome Luke to LG Innovations and Business Excellence 2017. His current role is Executive Manager at Randwick City Council.

What was your first job in local government?

My first job was a project officer role in the business performance section at Randwick. The role included undertaking work across our Integrated Planning and Reporting and Audit and Risk functions, as well as delivering Business excellence and Corporate governance initiatives for council.

What was it about local government that attracted you?
Local Government is the most accessible level of government for the community. It gives me a chance to participate in the planning and delivery of projects and programs that will benefit the residents now and into the future. Furthermore, Local Government is no longer just the 3 R’s (Roads, Rates and Rubbish) while they are a core component of our work, I believe the focus of Local Government is more aligned to what I have termed the 3 C’s (Community Infrastructure, Customer Service and Cultural Development). By having a broader approach to the needs of the community, Local Governments will be better placed to deliver for those who live, work and visit the LGA.

What advice can you offer to younger people that might be considering a career in local government?
I’d say go for it. Working in Local Government has been some of the most rewarding work I have undertaken in my career. Local Government is an organisation made of many industries like resource recovery, engineering, corporate and strategic planning and library services to childcare and governance to name a few.  Across Local Government there are many stories of people starting off in one industry and having the opportunity to move into another all whilst having the security of not having to change employer. I know of a few people who started as casuals in our recreation centres and have moved into full time roles in other departments within council. 

What do you find the most challenging about local government?
Responding to the community depending on their current needs. For example, a family with young children will be concerned with the state of our local parks and playgrounds, whilst our elderly residents will be focused on the condition of our infrastructure and activities for seniors. Ensuring an equitable distribution of programs and facilities across the LGA is important challenge for any council.

Do you have any hobbies outside of work?
I enjoy music and playing guitar and travelling when time permits. I can also bake a tray of scones that would rival the CWA.