Adam McSwain

Adam McSwain is the General Manager - Chief Executive Officer at Edwards River Council and has been a member of Local Government Professionals Australia, NSW since 2018. Adam shares insights and professional journey in the local government sector.

What is your best piece of advice to young professionals looking to build their career in the sector?
You have to make your own luck, look for the opportunities and don't be scared to put your hand up. This might even mean taking a sideways step sometimes but with the bigger picture in mind.


What were some of the LG Professional programs, events, resources that were of value to your experience as a member?
Being relatively new to Local Government in NSW, just on 12 months, my main experience with LG Professionals has been through attending the annual awards and more recently attending a General Managers event. Both events were great and I certainly plan to attend many more.
How would you describe the value of being a part of the LG Professionals community?
I think the value that LG Professionals provides is really great. To see the outreach into the regional areas with targeted events and conferences is terrific. Just like most communities, the greatest value is achieved by getting involved and getting to meet and interact with all of the tremendous people who work in Local Government.
As one of NSW’s more younger General Managers; can you describe the opportunities and environment that lead you on this leadership journey?
Throughout my career in Local Government (9 years in Victoria and 1 year in NSW) I have been lucky to have some great Managers, Directors and CEO’s who have always encouraged me to take up new opportunities, wherever possible broaden my skill set and to take a few risks. By trying to do all of these things, staying true to my values (integrity, teamwork, honesty) and trying to surround myself with the best people possible, I have been lucky enough to get some great opportunities.
What are you passionate about? One personal example, and one professional one.
Professionally, I am passionate about working with communities to achieve great outcomes (hence why I work in Local Government)
Personally, my current passion is bush walking and enjoying the great natural environment in Deniliquin and the region with my wife