Getting the Numbers Right - Assets

Getting the Numbers Right - Assets
Having a reliable, repeatable and systematic process for infrastructure reporting is essential, even more so now that the Local Government sustainability ratios have taken on such significant importance in Councils reporting framework. So how do we get engineers and finance professional on the same page.

Getting the numbers right and understanding both the finance and engineering position right are both essential to organisational sustainability. We often find that Engineers and finance professionals work in isolation of each other and don’t understand the technical overlaps between their areas of expertise.

The webinar will explore how to get the asset and finance numbers right so that the impact from an organisational and asset perspective are considered. We will provide an over view of tools we use, and guidance on how to ensure organisational sustainability by getting assets and finance professional working together.

31 JULY 2019
10.30am - 11.15am


  Tim is an experienced council engineer with over thirty years’ experience working in the private sector and in a number of NSW councils.  He has significant expertise in asset management, project delivery, maintenance operations and contract management. Throughout his career he has been focused on sustainable asset management practices in councils. His hands-on knowledge of how a wide range of councils go about asset management and the link between assets, operations and financial management is invaluable. He has been responsible for a significant number of projects including asset management, gap analysis, improvement plans, strategic asset management and service level reviews. Tim has advised a large number of Council on the importance and the linkages between asset management and organisational sustainability. Tim has tertiary qualifications in engineering, management and law and is also NAMS accredited to assist councils in the delivery of the NAMS product.



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31/07/2019 - 31/07/2019

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