Initiating a Courageous Conversation

Initiating a Courageous Conversation
Learning outcome: to be able to prepare and initiate a courageous conversation about a team members performance to address difficult issues

Initiating a conversation where the topic might be emotionally charged is a delicate skill.  Without strategy and direction, the conversation can progress poorly, leaving both participants damaged from the experience. In this session participants will unpack how to prepare for the conversation, how to support themselves through the conversation, and how to open the conversation in a safe, honest and clear way, setting the conversation up as a positive opportunity for both parties.  

The topics covered include:
  • Consider the importance of the topic to be addressed and the associated issues
  • Unpack the root of the issue
  • Drill down, articulating examples and stories to support communication of the issue
  • Understanding how the brain functions through stress
  • Craft an opening that is forward, honest and clear
  • How to engage and ask question
  • Documenting and planning the follow up meetings

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10/12/2020 - 10/12/2020
Online: Instructor Led, NSW 2000

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