Trans-Tasman Forum links Councils Who Share Success in Workforce, Operations and Service Delivery

It is an influential room when leading local government professionals from NSW, WA and New Zealand meet to discuss results of a world-class collaborative benchmarking program - a coming together that inspires change and self-directed improvement across the sector.

At this recent results-driven forum Local Government Professionals, NSW brought together progressive Australian and New Zealand council managers who are drilling down on the benefits of the Australasian LG Performance Excellence Program that now has four years of recorded performance data.

LG Professionals, NSW, CEO Annalisa Haskell says one of the program’s greatest strengths is that collected data is shared anonymously via a comparative analysis tool which allows our new record number of 134 councils to gauge their performance against others of similar size, geography or demographics.

“We are now seeing councils take this a step further and reach out to each other beyond the anonymity,” Ms Haskell said. “And it is exciting for us and our collaborator PwC to see this.”

Survey 4 Results Forum: Participants give their Top 3 Benefits of Collaborative Benchmarking 

Comparative Analysis 
“Where we have found ourselves as an outlier performing extremely lower than the group of participating councils it has allowed us to really question and challenge the way we do things and implement programs for change. Even if you may be ahead of the pack that doesn’t mean you stop, you should be moving forward.”

Collaborating for the Sector 
“As a sector we are usually a little shy of being compared but in this program we have started doing it for our own benefit. We have grown to see people who are performing above, and below, the benchmark willing to identify themselves so we can share stories of what is working and what is not - we can reach out to outstanding achievement and guide our own success.”

Changing the Future
“From this last report it is exciting to look at the change we implemented following Survey 3 and see what worked to improve performance and what didn’t. This is an opportunity to learn about yourself, where there is a bias for action because ignorance will lead you nowhere.”

Starting with Survey 5 the first in the round of the Australasian LG Performance Excellence Program is now open to all councils across Australia via LG Professionals and its partners.  If you want to join the journey contact    02 8297 1200