Queensland Council leaders join South Australians to think past their own state borders


The world-class Australasian LG Performance Excellence Program is proving its value as the only national, sector-led local government performance improvement model working with and beyond state differences for the benefit of every community.

Reaching important new heights, this strongly collaborative benchmarking program has proven all local government professionals have a common vision to ensure local government is the leading level of government. 

Queensland now joins South Australian councils in participating with NSW, WA and New Zealand to create as at today, an unprecedented network of 146 councils deeply committed to driving accountable performance improvement.

South Australian councils City of Port Adelaide Enfield and Naracoorte Lucindale Council, are joined by the first Queensland participant Whitsunday Regional Council as the latest to enthusiastically come onboard. 

Whitsunday Council’s Executive Officer Paul Fendley says there is no other program like the Australasian LG Performance Excellence Program sufficiently equipped to help them pursue their dream of being one of the best councils in the world.

‘Most of them don’t do much more than harvest some of the key financial data out of publicly available annual reports and financial statements and that is something that we can do ourselves.” Mr Fendley said.  ‘We were interested in something deeper and which had a bit more value add in looking for trends, insights and benchmarks over time.” 

“We are very keen on the disciplines that the PwC backed program will bring in terms of putting the microscope on some of our service areas and then comparing our performance against other councils across Australia and NZ that might be comparable to us in a number of ways, as well as comparing to some that aren’t.”


Mr Fendley also said continuous improvement and reflection on your own performance in this way has got to be a critical part of every single delivery within local government services. 

“Something that encourages that and then benchmarks that against what others are doing, and who’s doing things a bit better, who’s doing things a bit different, seeing what we can learn from that and then also putting that back into the pool … I think that is critical for the sustainability of local government going forward in Australia.” 

In South Australia, LG Professionals Australia, SA President, Mark Dowd said the decision to bring South Australia into the program was good for all councils. 

“It’s important to always look outside of ourselves to be more objective and this program presents a leading system of insightful measurement that was designed by the sector for the sector,” Mr Dowd said.

“Vitally, it complements and enhances other state based government reporting measures and will provide local government professionals with a world class management tool and platform to identify collaborative and improvement opportunities.

For Paul Fendley at the Whitsunday Regional Council the fact the program is not state specific but rather focused on the commonality of all communities was also important in its decision. 

“Whilst there are some subtle differences from one jurisdiction to another, generally, we are all doing the same types of services, with some different political influences but mostly similar services across the broader Australian and New Zealand economies.”

Councils across Australia can still join this growing network – open until 30 June 2017

Australasian LG Performance Excellence Program is open until June 30 for participation in Surveys 5-7 – the next three-year measurement round. 

Download a copy of the Performance Excellence Program
here to help determine your future.

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