The rapidly expanding Australasian LG Performance Excellence Program is ensuring more Australian communities will benefit from their council’s commitment to performance improvement and effective services.


LG Professionals, NSW has been welcoming a new wave of councils into the world-class performance measurement program that now has 150 local governments* around Australia and New Zealand drilling down on key areas of performance ranging from workforce capacity to service delivery.


In the last month, both Queensland and South Australian councils of varying sizes have joined the performance excellence program with those numbers set to significantly expand and an additional ten NSW councils also joining. LG Professionals, NSW CEO Annalisa Haskell has highlighted the importance of having such a large base of councils working together for the sector.


“Many of our newly joined councils have told us their motivation for coming on board is to be the best organisation in the sector and they believe that there is no other program offering this level of sophisticated benchmarking, and nothing that will help take them to the next level of performance,” Ms Haskell said.


“And they are passionate about seeing the entire sector work in the program collaboratively and ambitiously so the sector is not simply seen as ‘local government’ but is a strong and compelling competitive industry attractive to Australia’s up and coming talent.”


“The increasing momentum of the program with metropolitan councils everywhere is very exciting considering that in metropolitan Sydney, councils have been badly impacted by the potential mergers placing some in ‘no man’s land’.”


Ms Haskell says there are over 17 councils with more than 100,000 population that are currently benchmarking and 39 with more than 50,000 population with the majority of these being metropolitan. This offers a great sample for metropolitan council comparisons.


“The program has delivered strongly on results-driven data for all participating councils over the past four years and with the numbers increasing as they are now for Survey 5, it will ‘super-size’ the benefit for all,” Ms Haskell says.



“In the data set, we have such a diverse sample of councils in population size, geography and context which provides for all local government managers to confidentially tap into what other councils with a ‘like’ profile are achieving.”


“The recent influx into the program signals an important increase in the number of data points and unique insights from large metropolitan councils, now including Auckland City, Perth City Council, Port Adelaide Enfield Council, as well as larger Sydney councils such as Inner West Council, Penrith City Council, Liverpool City Council, City of Canada Bay Council, Lane Cove Council and Willoughby City Council, amongst many others.


“It is very much about the bigger the pool, the better the resource - and we are seeing that in action.”


And in another powerful string to the program’s bow, Ms Haskell says LG Professionals, NSW is also in ongoing discussions with the UK and the US to develop a set of international metrics and they expect to be able to announce some news on this in the very near future.


Councils across Australia can still join this growing network – open till this Friday

The Australasian LG Performance Excellence Program is open until June 30 to join Surveys 5-7 – the next three-year measurement round.


Download a copy of the Performance Excellence Program here to help determine your future.


South Australia

Taryn Sexton, CEO, LG Professionals, SA

+61 8 8291 7990


NSW, Queensland and other States

New Zealand

Western Australia

Annalisa Haskell, CEO, LG Professionals, NSW

+61 2 8297 1209


Karen Thomas, CEO, SOLGM

+64 4 978 1280


Warren Pearce, CEO, LG Professionals, WA

+61 8 9271 1136



*Count includes NSW councils counted as pre-merged council entities