NOROC Embraces New Data Innovation in Regional Planning


Local Government Professionals Australia, NSW recognises Northern Rivers Regional Organisation of Councils’ (NOROC) own leadership in commiting to a new tailored ROC/ JO data window, now available in the Australasian LG Performance Excellence Program.

Not only will this provide a regional perspective of the existing program’s indicators, but also strengthen their entire holistic regional planning approach.

NOROC Executive Officer Ann Lewis says the new Regional Window will deliver a unique regional outlook of their combined current and future workforce profile and capacity, as well as their service reach, mix, cost structure and effectiveness.

“We’ve got some larger, very well established and well-resourced councils from Tweed Shire with ninety thousand residents,  right down to Kyogle Council which has under ten thousand people. As well as that we’ve got a mix of coastal councils and inland councils.”

“NOROC aims to represent the regional interests of its councils so to have this ability to look at regional data will give us a very focused and evidence based approach to significant activities such as infrastructure and regional projects, to help them get up. We can now go to where the data is pointing towards as to why we, as a region, think this project would be worth investing in.”

LG Professionals, NSW Chief Executive Officer Annalisa Haskell explains that the Regional Window is the first sector initiative of its kind for councils looking to leverage the existing program data for the benefit of their council as part of a region and also their entire region. The initiative will support any regional model should the government implement joint organisations.

“In a single window tailored for each region the data effectively sizes and scopes the collective capacity, resources and delivery profiles, making not only comparative regional management planning a more seamless process, but also quantifies the value, reach and capacity of the local government in the region to better position them and their partnerships with the state government.

"The power of the Regional Window is its scalability to assist improved regional planning in whatever form - be it ROCs, Joint Organisations or other collaborations - as its goal is to ensure all councils have the ability to strengthen their longer term regional planning approach to lead the discussion with state government.”


The Regional Window is the latest addition to the Australasian LG Performance Excellence Program which has grown to include 150 councils from across New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and New Zealand.

Councils interested in the program can contact us at to learn more about the Regional Window and what benefits the Australasian LG Performance Excellence Program can bring to your council.

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Joel Schubert